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Dragon City - New Freebies Island, A better experience
In freebies island I completed task to get 122 gems but dragon city team is so cheap that did not given me any gems plzzzzzzzzzzz give my gems (Task was from Ironsource) my games user ID is
Dragon City: Where is the FREEBIES ISLAND? - Socialpoint
The Freebies Island feature is not available as soon as you start playing the game BUT will be available to all users after playing for a short period of time.So if you are a new user, be patient
How To Get Many Gems FREE From Dragon City Game On
The Freebies island is driven not only by level but also by the amount of time you have been playing. Unfortunately we do not know what the exact amount of play that is required. I would suggest you send a support ticket to Customer Service via the help menu in the game to ask them if you have met the requirements for the freebies island to show up.
Gem freebies island? : DragonCity - reddit ciry freebie island
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